Remco Sillen - Consultant
“Flowing towards a common goal, together”

Goal focused and with an analytical approach is how I try to solve complex challenges, especially within manufacturing supply chains. I am able to dissect real world problems and present solutions in a clear and logical manner, to help clients reach the next level. This is what drives me in my work.

In cooperation with the client, I’m able to help with a wide variety of issues concerning warehousing, production facilities and logistics. I have applied various models related to these subject during my studies of Industrial Engineering and Operations Management & Logistics, respectively.

I focus on a combination of soft skills, like change- and organizational management, as well as the hard skills, like modelling and business intelligence. Through a combination of both, insight and value is created for all parties involved, and well-supported decision making is enabled. This is what I find most interesting, fitting together all pieces of the puzzle in a broader context.


  • Born and raised in Limburg, therefore speaks with a soft g, calling himself a ‘Bourgondiër’
  • Bachelor Industrial Engineering and Masters Operations Management and Logistics at the TU/e
  • Loves hiking, especially through National Parks, playing games, reading and spending time with friends and family
  • Enjoys a lot of flexibility in his work, a variety of projects at different places with different people