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Network & Mobility is about flows between logistics centers and the geographical locations of these centers. The design, layout and fitting out of your transport and distribution network includes many critical aspects and poses important strategic and tactical questions.

Which locations will be most effective? Which transport modes and systems are best for your operation? How will the ordering and delivery processes work best? How to maintain your budgets? Can you ensure connectivity, reliability and sustainability? What activities will you undertake yourself and which will you outsource?

We help you with the optimal design and implementation to ensure that you can exceed the expectations of your clients and stakeholders. For this we can utilize our certified optimization tools such as AIMMS and PTV Route Optimiser ST.

In climate agreements, ambitious plans have been presented for smart and clean city logistics. To facilitate this ambition we work with both public and private entities. We help local authorities to define the zero-emission zones and how to implement this, or give them advice about the charging infrastructure. For businesses, it is important to understand the impact of- and to anticipate on future zero emission zones and how to reduce CO2 footprint. With the COperformance platform BigMile, you get quickly insights in your carbon footprint. With this insight we can help you with the roadmap to sustainable logistics.

Online simulator electric driving

What’s the impact of electric charging on your trip? What kind of costs could you expect? Calculate it here with the online simulator electric driving.



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