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Digital Transformation

"Make the results work for you with automated data systems in your supply chain"

Digital transformation is more than just providing insight into your company's logistics data. We map your data, guide you in automating your processes and create the best tooling on the basis of which you can make the right strategic decisions. We start small and scale up as needed. Our unique digital transformation concept has already proven itself, many international companies have preceded you.

You probably recognize it. You have always managed your processes well using Excel. But suddenly the tried and tested method no longer works well, takes too much time and does not provide the desired overview. Processes are becoming too complex, demand fluctuates or your company is growing fast. Then it is time for digital transformation. Our consultants have the right mix of data expertise and pragmatism to guide you in this. For example, we make applications for your company that give you a good overview of your Sales & Operations planning and can make adjustments where necessary.

Making the results work for you

What does this process look like? In small sprints we work towards an end result that your business can handle well. The basis is mapping and cleaning up your data. Our team of data experts who deal with this act as an extension of your organization. They make an inventory of which and how many data sets have to be loaded: at what level of detail do you want to be able to monitor the processes? Then we automate your processes using systems such as Qlik and Power BI. For example, we make control towers for transporters to monitor shipments at all control levels and we create dashboards enabling retailers to follow the orders from their warehouse management system. As the final step we advice your planning teams how they can optimize their planning based on forecast output. Final goal: maximize efficiency, availability, emission, freshness or any other KPI.

From automated data to insightful forecasting

The data model tailored to your organization is scalable. We are continuously expanding this in small steps and thus ensure:

  • linking data from different systems
  • data quality: we build in checks (notifications) to adjust data if master data or a period is missing
  • store replenishment: based on data characteristics, we sketch possible scenarios with, among other things, the Python programming program, so that you can perform efficient stock management
  • data visualisation: all logistics operations are visible on dashboards to allow your business to (adjust) adjust accordingly
  • reporting: the systems provide periodic reports according to a fixed format.

Companies that preceded you

For a European non-food retailer, we developed the possibility to regularly balance the workload in the stores, warehouse and transport using data tooling. By changing delivery frequencies and days, the retailer was able to make the most of the transport fleet and day shifts in the warehouses without harming the store operation.

Together with a global fashion player, we developed a supply chain control tower. This enabled our client to run daily scenarios based on supply and demand issues. These fast insights enable the business to make weekly or even daily decisions about shipment and container prioritization, shipment modalities, shipment routings and operators, optimizing speed to market, costs or sales.

Innovative applications

Real-time insight into your supply chain. We guide you through the transition to automated systems that enable your business to make the right strategic choices. We start small and scale up to your needs. Develop forecasting models with which no shipment is delivered late or containers are not loaded efficiently. We think along with you about the consequences of this for your organization and advise on possible next steps. You are assured of an optimally equipped logistics organization and therefore a future-proof company.


Would you like to know more about how Districon also organizes the best data tooling for your organization to make the right strategic choices for your supply chain? Please contact Aleks Hoogendoorn, he will be happy to tell you more about this!

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