Sebastiaan Bont - Consultant
"Achieving sustainable flow by being prepared for the future"

My passion is improving goods- and information flows to achieve an optimal flow. Logistical issues such as sustainability, strategy and the use of new technologies are topics that I find interesting. How companies can create flow by responding to the possibilities of the future is a question that keeps on occupying my mind.

I am analytical and I can quickly process new information. It enables me to see opportunities and make result-oriented decisions. As a consultant I am a self-starter and, in a team, I like to enter dialogues to find out different perspectives on improvements and to learn from each other. I believe that the flow between customer and advisor must be good for a logistics solution to contribute to the objectives of the organization. Only then will we achieve the desired result. In addition to conducting thorough analyses, I hope to learn a lot about translating customer wishes to a fitting solution.


  • Born and raised in Groningen with a master's degree in supply chain management from the University of Groningen
  • Wrote thesis about supply chain resilience, strategic risk management within (international) supply chains
  • Taps his energy from playing and watching soccer, going to the gym & socializing with friends
  • Loves to cook a nice diner, especially when combined with a good wine