Davey van Herk - Associate Director
"Sharing experience is multiplying knowledge"

What makes Districon special for me? First of all, knowledge and years of experience in the field of the supply chain, logistics, analytics, and project management. In addition, a robust team of specialists who are always ready to help each other and the customer. That's the key for me: knowledge, experience, and the will to help someone or something.

I am mainly involved in projects when a customer is looking for new or different housing. We assist customers until the operation has been moved and is completely up and running.

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  • Born in Rotterdam, raised in the Krimpenerwaard
  • Studied Industrial Engineering and Supply Chain Management
  • 10 years of experience in process management, real estate, and logistics
  • Entrepreneur in the field of process management, transport, and RE
  • Likes football, fitness, running, socializing and a great business opportunity