In the spotlight: Davey van Herk


This time in "in de spotlight" colleague Davey van Herk


Who are you?

My name is Davey van Herk. After my studies Industrial Engineering and Supply Chain Management I started at Districon, now more than four years ago. Why supply chain consulting at Districon? As a Rotterdammer it is hard not to be interested in supply chain... In addition, during my Master in Supply Chain Management, I met Jack Pool, my current colleague at Districon. Especially the broad range of projects and the international client portfolio appealed to me.

My experiences

Since the start of this year I am responsible for our talent program Districon Diamonds. I took over this role from former partner Hans van Waveren.

"Finding, binding, developing and retaining talent is becoming increasingly difficult"

A few years ago, Districon saw that starting talent struggled in their own development. After a few months they did not feel at home with their employer. There was a course within organizations and the development of the starting talents stagnated. We have developed a program in which talents gain experience within organizations and directly cooperate in projects as consultants. A Districon talent, for example, gets to see and learn from more than ten companies during the first two years of his or her career.

Within Districon I am also responsible for interim- and recruitment & selection assignments. We connect our clients with colleagues who are a perfect match in terms of their specialism, competences and character. In addition to these commercial efforts, I ensure that every junior consultant (Diamond) is appointed a senior colleague as a content supervisor. Supervision of the junior consultant during the Diamond Project is important because the Diamond is a permanent part of our team. I am also responsible for the Districon Development Program: a training program aimed at the development of hard and soft skills of our employees. And if this is all well-arranged, all you have to do is work...

I am involved in various projects, from development of logistics concepts to the design and relocation of distribution centres and laboratories. One of the most interesting projects was the integration of the O | 2 lab building in Amsterdam. Districon was responsible for the project management of the relocation (from working situation old location to working situation O | 2 building). In addition, I was involved as a project leader in the design of a new distribution centre and I was preparing the move of a large retailer.

Which colleague may be in the next spotlight of yours?

Hans van Roest! Hans is part of our cargo team. He travels around the world and he can often be found at Schiphol airport. I wonder what he's doing there.

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