In the spotlight: Robert de Zwart

Robert de Zwart

This time in "in the spotlight" colleague Robert de Zwart. Robert is part of the Advisory team within Districon. He will tell you all about his experiences.


Who are you?

I am Robert de Zwart, and I have been working at Districon for 2.5 years. Prior to my career at Districon, I worked for 8 years at BCC, where I gained experience serving several operational roles in the After Sales & Logistics department. I have been motivated and eager to learn more about logistics in different organizations, making it a logical step for me to join the talented team of consultants at Districon.

My experiences

In the Advisory Team at Districon, I am mainly focused on the warehouse-related projects - the area where operational expertise is beneficial and can be optimized. I’m very happy that I have joined Districon! I have had the privilege of being able to work on several projects from process optimizations to the automatization of entire warehouses, just to name a few.

The future of logistics looks bright: the economic situation has improved in the last few years, therefore companies have more capacity and trust to invest. The technology around company investments is better accepted in general. All of these factors together, and the growing lack of personnel in the workplace, are important topics for companies, and they will need to think carefully about what their warehousing, and the future of the company will look like.

The trend in the business is leaning towards automatization and mechanization, and is a development which Districon agrees with and fully supports their clients in. It means we constantly need to develop our own knowledge and stay updated about the latest developments.  As a good example, we are currently exploring the possibilities and opportunities of using AI and Machine Learning within  logistics. This example also shows the work within Districon is diverse and development is constant. Not only does the diversity of the assignments, clients and developments make this work so nice, but also the great team we work with in Districon. Together with the different backgrounds and knowledge combined, we collaborate and bring professionalism in logistics to the next level both with each other, and the company entirely.

I’m looking forward to the next years and what the future will bring within logistics and Districon. The developments with Pickrobots, AI, Machine Learning and Autonomous driving look very interesting and promising! 

Which colleague will be in the spotlight next?

Davey van Herk! I know Davey as a venturous consultant with an eye for spotting new talent. No wonder he is responsible for the Diamonds program within the Professionals team at Districon.  

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