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In the spotlight: Cristina Sanchez Molero

Cristina Sanchez Molero

This time in "in the spotlight" colleague Cristina Sanchez Molero. Cristina is originally from Sevilla, Spain and is currently based in Chicago, where she is part of the Districon Solutions North America team. She will tell you all about her experiences in this article.


Who are you?

Hey there! I am Cristina Sanchez Molero, employee of Districon Solutions NA for almost a year now. I was born in the beautiful Sevilla, Spain, and studied my bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering there as well. I moved to Madrid for the first year of my Master’s degree, and then moved to the windy Chicago for the second year. That was in August 2017, and still here I am!  

I have always loved traveling and living abroad. I find it very interesting to meet new people, new cultures and new traditions, and learn from all of them. It is difficult to be apart from my family, but what I get out of these experiences makes it all worth it.

My experiences

When I finished my studies and met Districon Solutions NA, I could not believe how lucky I was. I would say it’s the perfect job for me. Being a Supply Chain optimization consultant was my dream job, and I love the atmosphere and culture of the company. With every project I work on, I have the opportunity to apply all of the knowledge I gained during my studies and learn more and more each day. My Master’s degree was focused on Supply Chain and Logistics, which currently helps me solve the Supply Chain problems our clients face.

Every project is a new world and a new opportunity. I have been involved in production scheduling, workload prioritization and network sourcing optimization projects among others. I find it very motivating to fully understand our clients’ processes in order to design the best tailor-made solutions for them, that would help to improve their businesses. I also love to travel and meet our clients in person, and to create a close relationship and make the project a nice journey. I work hard every day to become an expert in the field and grow professionally.

Vision for the future

Logistics improve and evolve every day, which leads to new challenges and matters to learn. With the digitalization and inclusion of technology in Supply Chain, I am sure that new projects and interesting topics are yet to come. And I can only say that I am excited and eager to meet them and face them with my team here in Chicago.I am not too sure about the far future, focused for now in the present and my amazing life in the states. And how my colleague Pieter said in his “in the spotlight” article, the best is yet to come!

Next in the spotlight?

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