Niek Duintjer - Consultant
"Always aim for a better flow"

Whether it is for flow of goods or information, I always aim to improve the path or Flow from the beginning until the end. Exploring how each flow can be improved is something I get a lot of energy from. Therefore, I am always looking at the possibilities of doing this. During my studies and time at CEVA logistics I was able to convert this passion for process optimization into skills that I can use at Districon for all projects that I join. Moreover, here I can work with my colleagues and customers to see how we can best improve the process, because: “Together we get the best results”.


  • Studied Bachelor Economics & Business Economics, with a Master Technology & Operations Management at the University of Groningen
  • Investigated the storage requirements of Hydrogen for offshore wind parks on the North Sea for his Master Thesis
  • Supported World Rowing with the first ever Virtual World Rowing Indoor Championships in 2021
  • Loves Cooking, Hiking, Running, and Paragliding