Mark Vijlbrief - Consultant
Mastering the data which flows from airports, that’s what I do

Ever since my masters in Transport Engineering and Logistics I have been interested in two subjects: the logistics flows around airports and analyzing the data which is involved in this. Focused not only on the aircraft, but also on all other transport flows around the airport, like the road and rail networks. This has meant that in the last years I have worked on a lot of data focused projects involving airports. I have been involved with developing master plans for some of the largest airport globally and have develop dashboards for several players in the Dutch railroad system which gave import insight to some complex processes. Drawing conclusion from a set of data which was seen as impossible before is what I love doing the most. I therefore like to bring this knowledge with me on my projects at Districon.


  • Studied the Mechanical Engineering Master of Transport Engineering and Logistics at the TU Delft
  • Won the Best Dutch Material Handling Thesis Award 2019 for his thesis ‘Automation of the conceptual design stage for material handling systems’
  • Has travelled around the world in 120 days
  • Likes to do sports and cook with friends