Luuk van der Weijst - Senior Consultant
"Motion / Progress (flow) is a matter of the right technics combined with tight control"

Warehousing and material handling are for me a challenging expertise, which unfortunately does not always get the attention it deserves. Building a well-oiled machine which is also justified in economic terms, is certainly not a 'pick-off-the-shelf'. Not the technical solution is the starting point, but the logistics environment of the system. Finding the authentic, appropriate and sustainable solution in a creative and pragmatic way, with no unnecessary risks taken, is what drives me. Quality through an open mind and flights of fancy.

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  • Studied Technical Transport and Logistics Management at the Dutch Academy for Built Environment, Traffic and Transport (NHTV)
  • Started as an intern at Districon in 1986 and a valuable colleague for more than 30 years since 1989
  • Plays volleyball, collects Model cars, loves travelling, motorcycling and skiing
  • Father of a daughter and a son