Kyle Verhoeven - Consultant
“Flowing towards the optimal solution”

As a graduated transport & logistics engineer I am naturally passionate about problem-solving exercises with regards to supply chains and logistical systems. Such tasks, which are often involved with large-scale significance for several stakeholders, require relevant and thorough advice. I get motivated by dealing with these kinds of issues in which several layers of complexity define the playing field. With a forward-looking perspective and by making use of analytical approaches as well as appropriate communicative methodologies, I like to deliver projects towards streamlined results suitable for all players involved.


  • Obtained his Master’s degree in Transport, Infrastructure & Logistics at TU Delft
  • Did his Master thesis research within the field of intermodal container logistics
  • Studied and lived abroad in Hong Kong
  • Loves to travel and enjoy local cuisines, especially in Asia
  • Is passionate about playing drums