Jaap Eikelboom - Senior Associate Consultant
“Like the Netherlands, logistics is built on craftsmanship, common sense and cooperation”

Distribution centers are the driving engines of good flows. Increasing the power and efficiency of distribution centers is my profession. I see the distribution center as a combination of design, resources, management, organization, mechanization, automation, in a scope of outsourcing, centralization or decentralization. A team that has fun to improve these aspects in their coherence and to increase the added value of a distribution center: that is the team I like to work with.


  • Studied Industrial Engineering at the HTS Dordrecht and Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Previously worked as a manager at Ploeger Transport, as an advisor of the consultancy firm for the Dutch Wholesale (ONG) and as a consultant and change manager at Integer
  • Loves motorcycling, music and cryptograms, but not all at the same time