Bram de la Combé - Senior Consultant
“Optimizing your flow, that’s in my character”

Data analytics and logistics are my two fields of interests. During my studies I worked on projects like a rearrangement of a spare parts warehouse and the modelling of an optimal capacity planning of temporary workers at several warehouses. Besides that, I like to think about the future. Examples of that are embracing new technologies and constructing sustainable solutions. I get a lot of energy when optimizing processes, fortunately the Business Intelligence department of Districon provides me with this opportunity. My desire is to build solutions where all parties involved are happy and really generates an impact. I like to see myself as the bridge between computers and people. I’m looking forward, together with the client, to become more efficient every day!

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  • Studied Industrial Engineering & Management with a specialization in production and logistics at the University of Twente
  • Became European champion with the most fuel efficient hydrogen car of Europe
  • Worked in China to expand his knowledge on lithium-ion batteries
  • Likes running, doing judo and is a big fan of motorsport
  • Can talk for hours about his motorbike