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In the spotlight: Saurabh Bhargava


Who are you?

My name is Saurabh Bhargava and I have been part of the Districon Solutions team for over 2 years, working in Singapore office.   

My interest in technology and passion for problem-solving fueled my decision to study Computer Science Engineering. Driven by an insatiable curiosity and my fascination with the intricate world of business management, I set forth on a journey to Singapore, a nation that stands as a titan in the logistics industry, to pursue Master's degree in Operations Management.

Singapore's remarkable success in managing global logistics flows across the Asia-Pacific region captivated me from the outset. Immersing myself in the academic environment of Singapore, I delved into the intricacies of supply chain & operations management, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of logistics networks, and the power of data-driven decision-making. I was intrigued by the potential of data and analytics to revolutionize the logistics industry, unlocking new avenues for efficiency, optimization, and sustainable growth.

With an unwavering passion for optimizing supply chain footprints as a SC Optimisation Consultant at Districon, My expertise lies in harnessing the power of Business Intelligence, advanced data analytics and data sciences to transform supply chains into engines of efficiency and growth.

Experiences: Striking Moments in Supply Chain Analytics

Over the past years, my focus has been centered on two areas that I find particularly captivating: Network Strategy and Optimization, and Cost-to-Serve Analysis. Network design fascinates me with its intricate interplay of geographical factors, transportation costs, and customer demand patterns. The process of optimizing network design is like solving a complex puzzle, and the satisfaction of uncovering hidden inefficiencies and creating a more efficient supply chain is immense.

The Cost-to-Serve platform, on the other hand, represents the power of data to transform business decisions. By providing granular insights into customer profitability, the tool empowers companies to make informed pricing decisions, optimize product offerings, and allocate resources more effectively. This powerful tool has proven instrumental in providing valuable insights into the true cost implications of serving customers. The ability to harness data into actionable insights is what drives me in my work as a Supply Chain Consultant.

Vision of the Future: A Data-Driven Supply Chain Revolution

The future of supply chains is one of hyper-connectivity, automation, and data-driven decision-making. I envision a world where supply chains are seamlessly integrated with real-time data, enabling predictive analytics, proactive risk mitigation, and dynamic optimization. This will lead to a new era of efficiency, resilience, and sustainability in the logistics industry.

Personally, I aspire to be at the forefront of this supply chain revolution. I am committed to continuously expanding my knowledge and skills, exploring cutting-edge technologies, and collaborating with industry experts to develop innovative solutions that will transform the way businesses manage their supply chains. I believe that the future of supply chains is bright, and I am excited to play a role in shaping this transformative journey.

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