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In the spotlight: Aard van Weezel


Who are you? 

My name is Aard van Weezel  and I have been part of the Sustainable team since September 2023. I work as a Senior Consultant Charging Infrastructure. I advise and support our clients who face an enormous challenge when it comes to electrification of their fleet and the required charging infrastructure combined with energy management.

My background is mechanical engineering.

I have worked over 35 years in the automotive industry, the first 15 years in Product & development and after market. Later on I specialized in low volume production technologies of automotive body parts. In 2001 I founded my own company and specialised in prototyping new vehicles and later on we developed and build of one of the first 100% electric distribution vehicles in the Netherlands. Covering a range of expertise including procurement, Electric drive train configurations, testing electric vehicles and project management. I participated in a range of EU-projects such as the EU-Pollux demonstrator project (Human Machine interface and interactions), one of the forerunners of today's haptic systems, safety systems and modern electronic vehicles. And managed the development of 100% electric drive trains for busses, passengers cars and E-motorcycles. I have worked over 20 years in (national) international Sales and Business Development positions in the automotive industry with a specialization in the field of electrification and charging infrastructure for Heavy Duty transport. Executing site visits and advised mayor transport companies and Tour(bus) operators how to implement the charging infrastructure combined with the required grid connection or alternative sustainable power source and energy storage.

Over the years I worked at at a diversity of OEM manufacturers in the automotive or related industry such as (DAF Trucks, NedCar, Volvo Car Asian PACIFIC, EBP I Olofström AB, TM4 Electrodynamics Systems (Montreal/ Cologne) and Heliox).

My experiences

The energy transition affects us all and I want to contribute my share to it out of personal convictions. I have worked on the product development and realization side all my life. And I thought it was time to turn the table and become involved at the start of new sustainable projects. I find it interesting to look at the energy transition more broadly. Finally, I think it’s fun but also important to share my knowledge with the younger generation. During the summer of 2023, the opportunity at Districon arose and I seized it with both hands.

Vision of the future (Personal, but also the sustainable future)

Just because I turn 65 in July doesn't mean I'm stopping. Sustainability will become a bigger aspect for us and our future generation. I hope that long term sustainability will become more of a priority for companies and consumers alike. And I want to do my part on both a personal and professional level.

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