Districon donates St.Nicholas treats to local food banks


Our colleague Ilona Norbart handed out Sint Nicholas treats to the local foodbanks, here's a message from Districon to all our dear relations:

Dear Districon relation,

In this particular Covid-19 year
The Districon colleagues were happy to assist you there and here

To fit and measure with the right logistic
Your Supply Chain was strengthened, with physical and remote characteristics

Regardless of all the challenges and limitations
Collaboration with you lead to great results, despite all regulations

 Yet not every Dutch person has been given the same opportunities
And problems have risen in many communities

That is why the Districon Sint has come up with the following for this year
The Petes have brought all chocolate letters to the Food Banks here

Because in hard times, you may know
We definitely won’t forget our fellow men, no no

We would like to thank you with this connecting gesture
You can count on us, we are here for you, for you next adventure!
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