And the winner is...


On the 18th of May BigMile got the chance to pitch themselves at the European scale-up competition.


They described what they do to help create a more sustainable supply chain by bringing useful insights for logistics companies. Big thanks to all BigMile voters, because they won! A perfect example of how the SaaS solution is increasingly able to profile itself as thé standard in CO₂ footprint calculation and optimization.

A lot is involved when thinking of scenarios and different routes to thrive towards a sustainable supply chain. That is why the 4th inNOWvate contest was set up. To determine the start-up finalists and scale-ups, these companies were adjudicated on four criteria:

  • The commercial potential
  • The disruptive character of the proposition (measure of innovation)
  • The usability of the proposition
  • And the clarity of the proposition (commercial storytelling)
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