Vincent Rijnaars - Senior Consultant
'From A to Excellence in Logistics"

In recent years I was able to have a look at operations of different clients, each with a unique twist, which means that there are always new challenges to learn from and to overcome. That is what makes this sector so dynamic and intriguing and where I can express my passion for setting up and improving logistics operations to meet the continuously developing market & customer expectations.

I am convinced that cooperation & integration of expertise creates the right flow and is key to result-oriented solutions that can make companies distinctive. With knowledge of the market, we use the latest technologies with scalable and efficient designs of your logistics operation, and by means of data-driven insights and innovative solutions we can always find a suitable solution for issues in retail, e-com, production and distribution logistics, delivering end customers the right product, at the right time, through their channel of choice at optimized cost.

Lets do it!

Vincent Rijnaars


  • Studied SupplyChain Management at Tilburg University
  • Previously worked for Warehouse Automation integrator KNAPP Austria / The Netherlands
  • Burgundian in heart and soul and musically as a drummer
  • Lives with Femke in Eindhoven