Tanya Bulavskaya - Senior Consultant
"Connected flows"

My passion for finding the optimal path and my interest in practical business problems brought me to Districon. Having advised governments on policy questions in previous years, I joined the team of Districon Solutions and transferred my modelling expertise and knowledge of databases into the area of logistic operations. My goal is to let our clients discover the value of optimization in their daily business. I believe that the best answers for complex questions are found when experts from different fields come together - and the flows get connected.

Tanya Bulavskaya


  • Grew up 4,880 kilometers from the Districon head office
  • Studied Econometrics at Erasmus University Rotterdam and at the Higher School of Economics
  • Previously worked for TNO
  • Favorite movie: Memento - Favorite object: my Infinity snowboard - Favorite place: San Francisco