Sytze Caminada - Consultant
“Creating flow through the entire system is the ultimate goal”

A realistic and sharp view on operations but simultaneously being aware of the world around it. For me, these are the starting points when tackling complex issues. A problem is rarely isolated and solutions often have their effect on the environment. To arrive at a harmonic whole, a broad perspective and a comprehensive approach are needed. I am in my personal flow when working together with a driven team on these kinds of challenges. Finding elegant and pragmatic solutions to these complex problems gives me a lot of energy. That is why I am motivated to get started with challenging issues that come my way.

Sytse Caminada


  • Obtained his Master's degree in Complex Systems Engineering and Management at TU Delft.
  • Has a bachelor's degree in System Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management (TU Delft)
  • During his studies he temporary lived in Indonesia and Paris
  • Loves playing field hockey, football and sailing a boat
  • Enjoys good food, drinks and hanging out with friends