Sander Djohan - Senior Consultant
"May the flow be with you"

A woman was standing in her hotel room, when somebody knocked on the door. When she opened the door, there was a man who said that he has mistaken his door, apologized, and continued down the corridor. When the woman closed the door, she called security to warn them about the thief. Why did she think the man was planning to rob her?

I like solving brain teasers like the one from above. This is also one the reasons why I work in the world of supply chain optimization. In this world you constantly get challenged to come with solutions for supply chain problems using your knowledge, experience and creativity. Seeing your solution then actually being used gives the same satisfaction as solving a brain teaser.

Sander Djohan


  • Has a Master degree Econometrics & Management Science from Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Enjoys good food, good company, movies and games
  • Took a year break from Districon
  • Does not knock when entering his own hotel room