Robbert Teixeira - Senior Consultant
"My focus lies on creating flawless flows"

I am a quantitative person who can be very critically on a qualitative level as well. By combining the knowledge in supply chain and logistics that I gather from Districon with the theoretical knowledge gained from my masters in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, I am able to not only give advice but also create dynamic tools to improve the flow in a supply chain process. Furthermore, my previous job experiences have taught me a lot regarding team building and managing people. I am an easy going, spontaneous person who can work harmoniously with my colleagues in pretty much any environment.

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  • Graduated bachelor in Econometrics and Operations Research at Tilburg University (2010-2013)
  • Cum laude graduate master in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics at Tilburg University (2013-2014)
  • Worked as a part time warehouse manager at Satex Agencies B.V. (Curacao)
  • Enjoys a good football match and lifting weights in the gym