Richard Hornstra - Consultant
"Flowing in the right direction"

Since I started working at Districon, after my graduation in 2017, I have learned how a flexible yet critical mindset can help everyone further. Often, a project starts as a result of a concrete question or need, but that almost always changes throughout the process. This bring us to one of the key strengths of Districon Solutions. We use our 40+ years of Supply Chain expertise to think along with the business, which we subsequently translate into a high-quality IT product with immediate added value for our clients. This process, and the translation between business and mathematics, results in a lot of valuable questions, with which we trigger our clients. Ultimately, this takes us to a great end-product, obtained together: flowing in the right direction. Applying theoretical knowledge in practice is a challenge which intrigues me greatly. I like to challenge our way of working to maintain the high quality we strive for. But always in such a way that we keep application for our clients in mind. Seeing the direct impact of our work in practice is a strong motivator which makes that I’m happy to be working for Districon.

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Richard Hornstra


  • Lived and worked in Chicago from September 2018 to March 2019 to support team US
  • Graduated his master Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies cum laude with a 9 on his thesis
  • Already enjoyed efficiently packing containers when he had a side job in a supermarket
  • Enjoys cycling (if weather is nice)