Leanne Kunz - Consultant
"Simplify Supply Chain Network Flows"

As soon as I discovered what supply chain management is all about, I was hooked. It touches almost every part of our life, supply chains travel the world and within an ever-changing world, no day is the same within your supply chain. This results in complex and challenging puzzles that need to be streamlined, optimized or solved, while managing an array of stakeholders with different interests.

At Districon I get the opportunity to delve into the details of a customer's supply chain and combine data insights with my background in pharma logistics and FMCG planning processes to identify areas of improvement and opportunity. I enjoy working on such complex challenges and I'm looking forward to collaborate with you to optimize and simplify your supply chain network flows.


  • Born and raised in Switzerland
  • Master's degree in Supply Chain Management from Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Previously worked at PepsiCo
  • Likes crossfit, rowing, running, travelling and reading