Kai Huiskamp - Senior Consultant
"Analyzing the flow of data is something that makes me smile"

At work my interest goes out to analyzing data and optimizing processes. I have chosen for the logistics master of econometrics, which fits in well with the many projects of Districon. Besides my study I always worked about two days a week, first as a data analyst at Den Hartogh Logistics and next at Investments-X-Posed. I like to have something to do, combining the study with other activities was something that I really enjoyed. I'm eager to learn, catch on quickly and I am a fanatic sportsman. In addition, I am a "people person" and I enjoy working in a team.


  • Studied Econometrics, specialization in Operations Research, at the EUR
  • Will become an optimization expert
  • Organizes each year a Tour de France poule
  • Is Dutch Student Tennis Champion
  • Someday, I buy a holiday home in Cape Town