Julia van Dorsten - Consultant
"Find the optimal outcome to flow onward"

My preceding studies had a wide focus varying from supply chain management and logistics to human performance management and psychology. Therefore, Districon to me is the ideal combination between collaborating with experienced specialists and the opportunity to work on various projects in different areas. I am a real team player, I highly value honest and open communication and the link between people and process. I would like to use my analytical thinking ability and natural sense of efficiency and optimization in combination with my eagerness to learn and my will to improve on behalf of Districon to achieve the highest outcome possible.


  • Master in Operations Management and Logistics at the TU Eindhoven
  • Master Engineering Management at Old Dominion University (USA)
  • Is the only one who does not study medicine within her family
  • Loves sports and mainly field hockey, sailing and skiing
  • Also likes to travel and good food