Ilona van Vliet - Senior Consultant
"Improving daily flows of goods and information"

From logistics to business, from operation to management and from analytics to decision making. My strength and passion is to translate in-depth analyses to organization-wide decisions. My curiosity and involvement help me to, together with the operation, get insights in the daily flow of goods and information and to translate these to valuable advices for management. Surprising, the interesting opportunities that come up. Besides, I enjoy working with the enthusiastic, driven and pleasant Districon team. Brainstorming with this team is very valuable to bring findings to a higher level. In particular, I have experience with questions about networks, capacity, productivity and process engineering of distribution centers as well as the implementation of WMS. Do you have a supply chain question related to one of these topics? I would like to come and meet you!


  • Graduated cum laude Business Science with as specialization Supply chain management at Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Experience in advisory and interim projects at the intersection of business administration and logistics, worked for both (r)etail and production companies
  • Loves playing volleyball, running and doing boat trips