Glenn Taylor - Consultant
"Achieving sustainable flow"

A strong interest in logistic flows and solving complex problems led me to Districon. At Districon I can combine my knowledge of the Master Econometrics & Operations Research, experience in healthcare logistics, and my interest in modelling and visualization. Given my broad interest, I will focus on both Business Intelligence and Optimization projects. Providing insight into and optimizing logistic problems contributes to a more sustainable flow. Sustainable processes are becoming increasingly important in the changing world and it will be a great challenge to use my knowledge for all the complex problems that will arise. I get great satisfaction from working together with the customer to get the best possible solution, with a focus on the short- and long-term.


  • Master in Econometrics & Operations Research at the Vrije University in Amsterdam
  • Spends his free time sailing, kitesurfing and running
  • Enjoys long travels and multiday hikes