Auke Annema - Consultant
'I get excited about creating flow by bringing logistics processes and innovative techniques together'

Besides my studies, I have been working in logistics from the start. I have a lot of practical knowledge and have been able to specialize in the field of transport and distribution. During my studies I got in touch with Business Intelligence. I developed a lot of enthusiasm for this and eventually made this my job next to my studies. I wrote my thesis about the application of Machine learning within an intermodal, transport operation. The application that I’ve developed facilitated the customer in predicting the demand for shipping containers throughout Western Europe.

When I work on a (Business intelligence) issue, I focus on usability and the acceptance of the end user. Furthermore, I have a hands-on mentality and will not shy away from a new challenge.


  • Studied Logistics Management at the University of Applied Sciences Windesheim
  • Has also gained experience in a production environment and in the maritime sector
  • Obtained his propaedeutic certificate cum laude
  • Is a real Frisian who likes watersports
  • Is able to talk about cars all day