Adhi Kassanna - Senior Consultant
"Every Business Intelligence project is a data treasure hunt"

I was the go-to-guy at university for any data and/or EXCEL related questions. So it was only natural for me to continue using data in my work after graduation. At Districon my knowledge of supply chain and passion for data and design has made me a valued member of the Business Intelligence team. I have experience in public transit, international trade, healthcare logistics and freight logistics.

Adhi Kassanna


  • Grandparents were born 11.500 km from Districon office
  • Been working at Districon since 2012
  • Studied Logistic Engineering in Rotterdam
  • Likes travelling, hiking, squashing, gaming and spending time at the dunes of Scheveningen beach
  • Guilty pleasure and hidden talent: can eat one bag of Haribo within 30 minutes