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Modern supply chains are complex and data hungry. Controlling, planning and optimising them require advanced Analytics tooling. Our specialists develop and implement Analytics IT solutions that match your specific supply chain processes and objectives using specialized SC Analytics tooling like Business Intelligence software (Qlik, PowerBI), Optimisation & A.I. platforms (AIMMS, Hal24K), Python, R and more. Whether it is achieving more turnover, better supplier management or reducing costs, businesses reach a profit increase of 10% or more. Our tailor made solutions are innovative, fast, flexible, easily connected to your existing IT systems and all of that fast and affordable. Many world leading companies have already benefited from our innovative approach. Read more about how we can create the right solution for you.

Our Solutions services

Business Intelligence

Controlling a supply chain demands insights. Fact-based and intuitive data analysis can give you these insights.

Our tailor made Business Intelligence solutions manage large sets of available data extracted from your Supply Chain processes and visualise your process and performance. This leads to better understanding, new insight, fast analysis and an integrated overview of opportunities and risks. Our solutions pave the way to effective and efficient management. We combine data from several sources, such as ERP, WMS or your planning systems. Some dashboards show real-time information, some have a one day heartbeat: whatever suits your business best. We build your application with a very short implementation period using the agile approach. All dashboards have a proven very high return on investment. That is how we master flow.

Planning & Optimisation

Optimising your operations leads to an effective supply chain. That’s why the real value is in optimising your operations.

We use advanced optimisation tools, methods and a variety of algorithms to provide you with tailor made optimisation solutions. Substantial cost savings are a guaranteed outcome, especially for complex supply chain operations such as forecasting, replenishment, production planning, sales & operations planning and network design. The solutions are independent of legacy systems and suppliers. We follow an agile approach: Your case is defined in hours, a proof of concept is available in days, an optimisation application is available in weeks and in just a few months you will see the first benefits. Your business will flow.

Solutions Support Desk

Obviously we will provide support to allow optimal use of your applications. Our Solutions Support Desk can follow the sun from Chicago to Amsterdam to Singapore and offers fast and adequate follow-up. Together with you we draw up a Service Level Agreement, defining the required service level, fitting to your situation and the criticality of your processes.