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If you have a temporary or long term need for capacity or expertise with logistics or facilities experience, Districon will propose a choice of interesting candidates within 48 hours; all with a relevant master’s or bachelor’s degree. Typical candidates in our network range from experienced Supply Chain Planner up to Supply Chain Director, or from Specialist in relocating scientific laboratories up to a Senior Project Manager. Our professionals are recognized for their can do mentality, making the difference for your business. We can offer a range of services, from temporary placements to recruitment.


Districon will help you find a specialist or a team of specialists. These professionals are familiar with your type of business and are motivated and energized by complex situations and challenging goals.

We can help you with a range of specialists, such as

  • Relocation Specialist
  • Warehouse or Transport Specialist
  • Supply Chain Specialist
  • Facility Management Specialist

We can offer a range of services, from temporary placements to head hunting & selection.

Please contact us for further information

Project Managers

Our project managers accelerate speed and enable focus. They have a track record of major and complex projects. For specialized support, they can turn directly to our stable of our consultants and experts for precise, experienced advice.

Districon can offer Project Management with relevant experience and expertise, such as:

  • Relocation projects
  • Construction
  • Business Improvement
  • Process Optimization
  • Business Turn around

We can offer a range of services, from temporary placements to recruitment.

Please contact us for further information

Interim Managers

Are you in need of an interim manager? Districon will propose a choice of able candidates within 48 hours. Through our network, we have access to a vast selection of experienced professionals. All candidates bring relevant expertise and capabilities, drawn from their impressive track records. They are eager to contribute to your goals.

Should you consider employment, we can offer candidates, interested in an optional transfer from interim position to a future position as employee.


Districon offers more than head hunting, we provide professional search and recruitment. Over 40 years we have nurtured a strong network of business relations. This network serves as a reliable source of good and ambitious candidates. Beforehand we discuss our search strategy and our transparent cost structure. No hidden surprises.

We have found good candidates for a variety of positions, such as:

  • Warehouse Manager
  • Supply Chain Planner
  • Supply & Demand Manager
  • BI-analist

Our contribution will be customized to your needs. We can offer tailored employment contracts, from temporary secondment to fixed employment. The choice is yours.

Do you have difficulties in finding the right candidate for your vacancy? Or do you wish to discuss our proposition? Feel free to contact us!

To see what we can do for you, please contact us:,+31 346 581 681 or meet our team.