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Nampak Packaging

Planning and scheduling solution to enable data driven decision making
ClientNampak Packaging
ExpertiseSolutions, Advisory, Planning & Execution, Optimization
Markets Industry

Nampak is Africa’s leading packaging company

For Nampak’s glass division in South Africa, a unique planning solution has been developed. The challenge and complexity for Nampak Glass is the huge amount of different bottles to be produced and the variety of their characteristics, like size and colour.

From a current situation with basic spreadsheet planning with limited computational support, a more visual and mathematically supported model has been implemented within six months.

The solution includes strategic optimization of colour campaigns up to 2 years in advance. The operational planning decisions are no longer on sentiments. Decisions are data driven. Activity based costing was used to introduce the max profit scenario as default scenario. Four other scenarios are available. The user is also able to change settings to run new scenarios. Scenarios can be compared on several KPIs to determine the preferred one.